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hi mojo
sorry for one more post
can i appeal in high court
i found one error in the judgement which i received today.she refred to her previous fact finding judgement where she found her credible for 2 dv incidents but here she is saying that there were 3 i read the judgement 2 times.i think she is to much bios ex is on leagal aid which is a killer for children just make the children say something to suport ur allegation get a statment from ur siblings and u got leagal aid.does the police report and gps report have meanings ?i will say no because the judges dont want to look at it.will het leagal continue if i got a chance to apeal?
lastly the caf cass she said in the court that i have not attended any parents evenings but the reality is apposit i did but when i contacted the school they told me they dont keep any record as they record it as family attendence if u arent seprated whata nice lie i will complaint against her
sorry one more how i can request for dna
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You would only be allowed to appeal if there was a significant procedural error, and the slight change in the number of DV incidents isn't really that significant as far as the court is concerned.
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