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TOPIC: First hearing advice

First hearing advice 4 weeks 2 days ago #91846

I split from my wife in 2014 due to
Unreported violence towards me I divorced her a year later for unreasonable behaviour.
I have seen my every other weekend since and school holidays.

My ex wife gave me a black eye recently I reported to the police but CPS have dropped it due to not enough evidence. Well all this as been going on I reported her to social services because of concerns I have regarding her temper . Social services offered her councilling for her anger . And made a report but no further action.

I have instructed a solicitor and applied straight to court due to feeling uncomfortable around her with mediation after being attacked. I want shared care equal time spent with mother and myself .

Anyone any advice for me would be appreciated


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First hearing advice 4 weeks 2 days ago #91850

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Hi there

As there has been recent DV mediation isnt usually appropriate prior to court action. Hopefully your solicitor would have submitted form C1a to tell the court about the risks to your children.

Prior to the first hearing, you should be contacted by CAFCASS who will be tasked with preparing a Schedule 2 letter. This is a basic safeguarding report to tell the court about any previous police or local authority involvement with you, your ex and the children.

They will want to speak to you both, this is usually by telephone, this will give you the opportunity to tell them about your concerns, its always best to be open with them, but you should try not bad mouth the mother, just present the facts and let them draw their own conclusions.

Its likely the court will order further more detailed welfare reports, this would usually be in the form of a Section 7 report.

Its helpful if you prepare a very brief Position Statement to take with you to the hearing, to tell the court a little about the background to your case, your concerns and what you would like to happen.

Theres lots of info in the stickys at the top of the legal eagle section about the process, which you may find useful and if you have any specific questions, please dont heaitate to ask.

All the best

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First hearing advice 4 weeks 1 day ago #91859

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Mojo has given you very good advice and you're fortunate to have a solicitor so the process should be relatively simple for you. Feel free to keep messaging on here and we will support where we can.

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