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Hi to everyone .... im jack 8 months 2 weeks ago #84335

I need an advice .... because i am polish i do not know the scottish law as good as you .... im living in scotland 11 years me and my ex we have been together for over 9 years ... it wasnt a goid time from the begining .... we split around 8 months ago but we still living in the same property and i need an.advice ..... i am a tensnt of a council property . After i got the key we decided to renovate whole flat from the floor to the ceiling ... my ex and kids ( 2 doughters ) went to poland due the work which took 3 months ... i have to tell also that that time i was working only and my ex was look after the kids and it was like that for next 8 years ...
.... on last year at summer time something bad happend ... my van with all tools has been stolen ( i have had a small joinery buissnes ) and resolt of witch i lost my income -that time my ex was working already almost 1 year as a nursery teacher .... my idea was that her money from her wages will be better if she will save and i will take care of all bills and the rest of expenses *obviously from time to time she was buying food and spending money for other things but not a lot - only when i was skint - apsrt from that for over a 6 years shes claimed benefits but i didnt kniw how much she had and how much shes msnage to saved .... because i lost my income i couldnt pay the bills - this situation was until i got a job- 3 months after van was stolen i started new job but by time i got my first full month paymant i was in a big trouble because there was date of eviction set on february .... i didnt knew that because i did not seen any letters from city council as my ex was look after letters and she was opening every letters but the priblem was she never mantion about the debt.... when i ask her to pay the bills-part of it shes refused saying that shes not going to pay for my debts .... ..i have manage to pay back all money on time to avoid eviction andnalso i relised shes not a person -woman i could trust to and i want to live with .... shes still not paying for any bills and also shes not do anything what belongs to me ... she wont do washing she wont do dishes after my lunch she wont touch my coffe cup even when i leave on top of the worktop ....
MY QUESTION IS .....HIW CAN I REMOVE HER FROM THE FLAT WHITCH IS ON MY NAME SND I AM AN ONLY TENANT.....? I do not want to loose council property and i do not want to loise this flat because i did everything in rhis flat ... from new laminate flooring ,new doors skirtings facings ,resheeting walls and ceilings ,brand new bespoke kitchen new bathroom , rewiring with spot lights everywhere ... WE CANNOT LIVE TOGHETER FOR OUR AND OUR KIDS GOID !!!! My idea was if my ex will get a council flat then i.could move out to het flat and she and my 2 doughters will stay in my flat because my flat for my 2 doughters is a home ... they growed there and they hsvd a friend there my kids going to the local school and i want them to stay there but im afraid that my ex doesnt want to do it because after she will start living herself snd this flat will be on her name only then she will have to pay the bills also herself not like is right now shen i have to pay for all bills and shes doesnt give a sh..t if i wont pay because every reminder will be send on my name ....

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Hi to everyone .... im jack 8 months 2 weeks ago #84338

Hi Jack,

Another Dad here.

I don't have experience of this but the only thing that i can think of is to go and talk to you local housing authority from who you rent the flat and explain the situation to them, they should be able tol tell you exactly where you stand in regards to the flat and what your options are.

You may also wish to visit the Citizens Advice who will also be able to advise better.
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Hi to everyone .... im jack 8 months 2 weeks ago #84358

May be worth speaking to the Scottish Child Law Centre -

Did you get the council flat on the basis that you were married with children? If so, that may have a lot of bearing on whether you can keep the flat and live in it on your own.
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