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got an appointment with a solicitor and instigated the sending of a solicitors letter. I simply wanted some teeth adding to our contact agreement (drawn up by Meditation) to enable me to do things with the children on the whole of some sundays in the month not just the afternoons. (on a sleepover Saturday I have to return the children Sunday morning for their mothers choice of Sunday School collect again after dinner to go off to do something together) but it means I cannot plan anything to far away or even doing anything to include the children in my own sunday morning activities because even though meditation stated there would be some flexibilty to allow this the ex will not consider this. (it's also worth considering that Social services also said at least one sunday of each month should be for my activities, during late spring last year) Solicitor advised going for full saturday and sunday every other weekend and she said if it went to court this is what the court would expect to happen.

Letter got sent, The ex went into orbit!

Am now waiting to see what counter proposals she will put via her solicitor. Interestingly though she is now preventing me from seeing the children during the week ( using the too tired excuse) but the alternate saturday sleepovers are still happening. The school do not think these contacts can be varied like that. Good job the next meeting is going to be soon
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further developments 1 week 1 day ago #81044

It's quite common for mothers to go into orbit when their control is challenged...Not a lot more I can add, except that I would be going for more than just an alternate weekend, courts are usually happy to go with alternate weekends and a weekly midweek, shared school holidays and shared alternate Christmas and birthdays.

Good luck with the next meeting
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