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Need some help anyone..
Had issues with my ex and her partner for a year now we was all fine and now she's stopped me seeing my little girl. It's been a few weeks now I can't afford the court costs is their any way of getting to see my daughter without causeing any trouble the legal way??
I pay child matenance to my ex so surely their must be something I can do they just try to control me useing my little girl as a weapon
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Help? 7 months 2 weeks ago #85056

You can represent yourself in court, but you will need to try mediation before you can goto court anyway. Paying maintenance doesn't give you any rights for contact, I'm afriad
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Hi there

As actd has said, paying maintenance doesn't influence contact unfortunately.

It's unfair that your child is being used in this way and rather than seeing legal steps as trouble, perhaps think of it as more of a means to an end. Your little girl needs you in her life and it is her right to have full contact with you.

There are many dads here that have taken the court route without a solicitor, with much success. It's doable and if this is what you must do to get things on a more equal footing then we will do our best to advise and support you. There's a lot of info about the process in the stickys at the top of the legal eagle section that you might find useful. There is a court fee of £215 for making an application, but if you are on a low income, or receiving benefits, you may be entitled to help with this.

As has also been said, mediation is a necessary first step, before a court application can be made. If your ex is on benefits she will be entitled to legal aid to cover this and you would be entitled to the first session free, unless you qualify for legal aid too, in which case it wouldn't cost you anything.

Here's a ink to the mediation services, it might be a good idea to phone round a few to get an idea of costs as they all charge differently.

All the best
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