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Issues with sons mum 1 year 2 months ago #79840

Hi I'm trev I'm 42 and come from bolton
Today I had a complete breakdown my partner came in and found me distraught
This has been going on now for 8 years and I've already took her to court for my access rights in which I have equal rights
To think this would put an end to the issue was an understatement yesterday I should of had my son i could not do this has I had a very bad sickbug and didn't want my son to get it
Then came the threats saying you have broke the court order and in the court order it states if need to change a day then this is decided by the parents.
So I took it upon myself to ring the school to say I could not pick my son up due to a really bad sickbug.
Then came the threats again saying how dare you contact the school ,she also tells my boy everything to the point my son doesn't want to see me again and her saying I'm abusive and mean to my son due to her messing with my boys head he has lashed out at me on a couple of occasions and he's only 9 I feel so low I love my son to bits but for sum reason she seams very bitter and jealous I'm always walking on egg shells if she doesn't get her own way this is not fair on my son a me because it is affecting my time with him I was wondering if I could get my ex partner done for cohesive abuse
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Issues with sons mum 1 year 2 months ago #79842

Hi There,
It seems like you are in a very low place at the moment, many of us have been where you are and the biggest thing you need to worry about when it is like this is to look after yourself and your health.
If you are in a situation of meltdown and breaking down, then I would say you need to speak with your GP and ask for some help, if you have already then return and explain that things aren't any better and if anything they are worse and you need further help.
With regards to your son and ex, the court order is written so that she has to make your son available when stated, it can't enforce that you turn up, and certianly wouldn;t enforce that you turn up when you are un well and likely to pass the illness on to your son.
It's the threats that are the worse, what does she threaten you with?
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