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Hello All. My Ex and my sister are not the best of friends. My Ex has now shouts abuse and swearing every time she sees my sister (Who cleans for some one near My Exs house). This has happened 5 or 6 times now. So yesterday My sister has gone to the police, if it carries on, she will get a restraining order against her. My Ex rang me last night as she had a police letter through the door asking to call and arrange an officer to see her. The Ex has said I am barred from seeing my son now, she said my sister has made it bad for me.
So much for fathers rights. I will be ringing mediation on Monday to get the ball rolling I love spending time with my son, but he is only 7 month old. If mediation does not work and court action takes many months, I am scared that the bond I have with my son, will no longer be there and he will not remember me - also missing out on things he will be learning.
I have been an emotional punchbag with my Ex in the past - she suffers from a form of depression which she takes pills for (I dont think she always took them). She can be, and has been, very nasty with me. I am very laid back, maybe a bit too soft. She threw me out the house 1st June (because an arguement with my sister) After a 3 year relationship, I pick my keys to my new house in 2 week (glad to get out my mothers where I have been seeing my son)
Me and my sister have always been close. I am not sure what the future holds, it looks a bit grim at the minute.
Any advice would be great.
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Problems Seeing My son 2 years 7 months ago #65726

From the sound of your ex's behaviour, I would make a quick decision whether mediation is likely to succeed (namely she gives you contact again immediately) and if not, get the form signed and move to court - you should be able to get a hearing reasonably quickly and hopefully you'll get an interim order for contact to be resumed.

You and your sister have done nothing wrong, your ex's behaviour towards your sister was totally unacceptable, and to be honest, I think your ex was just looking for ways to get at you and your sister was a way she could do this - she'd probably have found some other way and some other excuse anyway.
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