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Hi Everyone,
I’ve recently had a call from the CSA regarding an ex who I haven’t had contact with in years.
She has a child which she claims to be mine.
The woman is pure poison and this isn’t her only child without a father, she goes through men like most people go through underware.
I accept that if the child is mine I should contribute.
But I am self employed, I haven’t worked since Christmas! And I have a young son with my wife and we are expecting our second child very soon.
I have a family to look after and I don’t have a lot of money.
I know it sounds dishonest, but I really want to give the csa as little as possible! Can anyone give any advice.
Apologies if this offends anyone.
Thank you
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I don't think that it is so easy just to give some persons name and then get maintenance money from them just by claiming you were together.

Every case is different and that is why you should call CSA / CMS yourself and discuss that matter with them.

Get prepared and make a note of things / questions you want to get an answer before you proceed with any payments.

Something that will be a proof for you that indeed that is your child.

PS: CMS makes calculations based on income from previous years which they get from HMRC. Review is done once a year but there are some exemptions.

Call them, best advice I can give you.

All best
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If CMS presume you are the parent, the onus is then on you to chase the case and prove you are not the father. See

The main thing is read that leaflet very carefully and get in touch with the CMS ASAP to challenge this. If you deny you are the parent there's a good chance they will ask you to pay for a DNA test, but if it turns out you are not the parent you should get a refund on that.

If you don't do anything, they will start building up arrears in your account and that debt will never go away. The sooner you act the better.
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Help petition parliament for better enforcement of child arrangement orders:
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I agree - if you think there is a chance the child is not yours, then challenge this as early as possible as maintenance is payable up to the point when the DNA evidence proves otherwise (if that is the case), and there's no refund on that.
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