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Hi all
im in part time employment atm really wanted to go full time but under cms rates me going full time actually makes me worst off yes doing extra 40hrs even to a stage it make me homeless
doing 16 hrs now 80% of my rent council paid by benefits
but still strugging im actually better of on jsa how is this possible ?
Before anyone asks i cant get cheaper rent its (yes private rent but cheapest around cant get council where rent would be half of what privste is because of lying ex
cant share a property as ex put a stop to that too
does really piss me of when dads r meant to live in the gutter and not have a life
of course mainteance should be paid but they should allow for rent council tax water first snd not on gross earnings then take percentage of how can u live when rent ct water r 75 %of ur wages not even including ur other bills
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Hi there

I agree that the current system is flawed and I can only sympathise with you that you are caught in this situation.

All the best
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Only way is be positive try get a second job that's ment just for child maintanence so you gotta be hungry and find that 200 quid extra from somewhere wich is penuts.

I feel positive about child support in tho following ways

1.when you pay child support it means you don't have to buy anything

2.overtime that payment will drop with overnights

3.i have a seperate bank card and i always have the full amount for the year saved and the payments come of that card So it dont touch the card by wages go into so it feels like I'm child support free in the meantime your saving loads with you wages you will already be ready for the following year in no time to repeat the process again

4.That 40 a week or what ever penuts it will be is tiny compared to buying all the clothes,milk,nappies,food

5.child support is the cheapest way my friend
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